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What we live and breathe at iMoveU


How we think patients get better… then how they REALLY get better! It may not be what you think!

Compliance beyond pain – How to get it and why this is the key to amazing patient outcomes.

Communication Skills

Why clinical skills aren’t as important as your communication skills and how to improve them.

The most important questions to ask in your subjective to take you from a good therapist (finding what) to a great therapist (finding why).


Challenge the limiting beliefs that hold back allied health professionals from having long fulfilling careers

Mindset towards your clients, your career and your employer to ensure success in every area

Clinical Pearls

Key take home messages and how to present them to your clients the very next day to improve client outcomes

Clinical examples and practical application of topics covered within the course – including assessments and management

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  • Practitioners who want to build a reputation or following within their industry
  • Practitioners who want to increase their worth in Private Practice and earn more money by helping more people
  • Practitioners who are currently struggling to take their career to the next level (whether that be building a following/client list, or moving up the ranks within their field or company)
  • New Graduates who want to get ahead of their colleagues and start practicing like their experienced mentors
  • Students who want to hit the ground running in Private Practice
  • Prepared well in up to date evidence based research/treatments
  • Prepared well for hospital and public system (however that is not where the majority of jobs are)
  • Not prepared for private practice
  • Not prepared for becoming a successful practitioner and earning yourself a reputation within the community and your profession
  • Not taught the communication and soft skills required to thrive with client care and networking to further your career
  • You’re not alone…
  • There is help out there no matter what stage of your career
  • You already have the technical skills to succeed, it’s everything else that you do that takes you from good to great!
  • Open and honest conversations around the realities and struggles of private practice
  • Real world/ down to earth/ practical advice (we are practitioners, business owners and we work with and mentor allied health professionals)
  • We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals within your profession and go above and beyond to help each other

“Excelling in Private Practice”


What Our Attendees Have Said

"Our new physios came back from iMoveU with a real grasp on what it takes to be an awesome private practice physio, from both a patient and team point of view. The combination of precision with soft skills and immediately actionable practical skills really sets this course apart. Would highly recommend for any physio in their first few years of private practice."
Tony Beecroft - Melbourne Sports Physiotherapy
"Loved the communication pearls section and the mindset section with specific phases to use -- so great to be given concrete examples that you can use immediately rather than just hear the concepts vaguely explained"
"Loved this course and found it really valuable as a business owner with a young team."
Physiotherapy Clinic Owner

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Excelling in Private Practice


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