075 – Adrian D’Costa – The Freshman Physio explains how to analyze research as well as apply the filter of the person in front of you

Adrian is a Physiotherapist from Sydney who now lives and practices in London. He and Colin (a Physiotherapist from Vancouver, Canada) are the men behind The Freshman Physio, which is an online resource for allied health professionals aimed at bridging the gap between uni, evidence, and practice to create better clinicians!

We talked about the importance of research and how to truly analyze what you are reading. Traditionally it has taken many years for research to transition into practice, but with the rise of social media, we are now being flooded with information. Research headlines and infographs are commonly taken as gospel these days rather than delving into the articles ourselves to critically appraise them. Adrian explains the approaches he takes and has some guidance to ensure you are sticking to what is best by the evidence and by the patient in front of you!


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