Michael Rizk


Clinic owner of iMove Physio

Hey I’m Michael 🙋‍♂️

I’m the proud co-owner of iMove Physio in Sydney. My business partner and I started the first iMove 6 years ago in Rozelle, founded on a passion for one on one consults, longer appointments and evidenced-based care as well as giving back daily on social media.

Life in Physio
I had two ACL knee reconstructions when I was 15 and 17 which led me to physiotherapy. Now, I lead iMove Physiotherapy with 5 clinics across Sydney known for our amazing culture and active, evidence-based care.

I am a culture guy, I love leadership and being okay with not being a practitioner so I can support my team. I love social media and content, building a blog, running Facebook Ads, and helping my team to see more of the type of clients that they love helping.

Life in Business
I bought and sold PlayStation games from the UK and Japan to sell them in Australia for profit. I played poker to survive uni.

I’m a gamer at heart, I love RPG’s because they provide multiple ways and journeys for ultimately achieving the same outcome. They taught me to think outside the box

The reason I started iMove was that I thought business could be done better. At a time when social media was on the rise, I wanted to be connecting with patients more and more and building a brand for my team through one of the biggest tools of impact in our generation.

My core message
“What a time to be Alive” – I love it because it’s true. Your ideal client, your patients, your brand, your income,  everything you want is at your fingertips. Nothing is impossible. The only thing stopping you from getting your desired outcome with today’s devices and technology is YOU… what a time…!

Michael Rizk
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